Pest Control Services

Flea Treatments

1 hour • From £150
A crack and crevice surface spray of the entire house, soft furnishings and floors with a long lasting liquid insecticide followed by a fogging of the entire property with an Insecticidal fog for instant knockdown. See Less

Wasp’s Nest Treatments

Guaranteed Wasp Nest Treatments. Height not an issue as we have a number of different methods available to treat Wasp’s Nest. We GUARANTEE a Successful treatment.

Cluster Fly Treatments

Price varies
More an irritation than a hazard, these are Flies that, as temperatures drop, will move into uninhabited loft spaces and roof voids in their search for somewhere warm to hibernate. We Can Help.

Rat & Mouse Control

Advice & Guidance, Trapping, Proofing & Baiting. Using a combination of up to the minute technology, Experience & Training to Identify and Rectify. Whatever your Rodent problem, We have a solution.

Mole Trapping & Removal

Price varies
If you’re sick of your lawn being damaged by Moles, Using a variety of traps and methods we can remove the little menaces so that your garden can recover in time for Barbecue Season. 🙂

Bed Bug Treatments

Price varies
If you’re being bitten and don’t know how then it may be that you are sharing your bed with more than you realise! Again, We have a Solution to bring your nightmares to an end. 😀