Membership & Certifications

BPCA Membership

To be registered with the BPCA, we need to meet strict membership criteria. As a member we are professionally trained technicians who can control pests safely, legally and effectively. As well as have a minimum of £2 million Public and Products Liability insurance (we have £5 million Public and Products Liability insurance – so are more than covered). We have also been audited to BPCA stringent quality standards and follow the BPCA Codes of Best Practice.

Basis Prompt Membership

The BASIS PROMPT Pest Controllers register is an industry initiative which provides independent proof that we, as a pest controller have received proper training and continue to update our expertise on a regular basis.

You can view our certificate here.


We are also signed up to the CRRU Code, which promotes responsible use of rodenticides and best practice outlines how rodenticides are to be used to minimise exposure to wildlife.

We also have the following awards & certificates:

  • RSPH Level 2 Award in Safe Use of Rodenticides
  • RSPH Level 2 Award in Pest Management
  • Audited to European Standard EN16636